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1. And possibly alteration of dialectal lake from Middle English leik, laik from Old Norse leikr
也可能是方言 lake的变化源自中古英语 leik,laik 源自古斯堪的纳维亚语 leikr

2. Norse的近义词

2. Therefore in Old English we have the following names (with their Modern English developments): Sunnandg, Sunday; Mnandg, Monday; Twesdg, Tuesday (the god Tiu, like Mars, was a god of war Wdnesdg, Wednesday (the god Woden, like Mercury, was quick and eloquent Thunresdg, Thursday (the god Thunor in Old English or Thor in Old Norse, like Jupiter, was lord of the sky; Old Norse Thrsdagr influenced the English form Frgedg, Friday (the goddess Frigg, like Venus, was the goddess of love and Saeternesdg, Saturday.
所以在古英语中我们看到以下的名字(以及他们的现代英语形式):Sunnanhd?g,星期日; Monand?g,星期一; Tiwesd?g,星期二(蒂乌神,象玛尔斯一样,是战神); Wodnesd?g,星期三(沃登,象墨丘利一样,行动敏捷,善于词辩); Thunresd?g,星期四古英语中的撒纳及古挪威语的索,象朱庇特一样,是宇宙之主;古挪威语的 Thorsdagr影响了英语中的该词的形式); Friged?g,星期五(女神弗丽嘉,象维纳斯一样,是爱神);和 Saeternesd?g,星期六

3. The myth of the origin of the world out of the members of a dead giant or Ur-man is extremely ancient, not only in Iranian speculations but also in Indian mythology (Rig-Veda, X, 90), Indeed if the myth of giant Ymir in Norse Cosmogonies is not merely a medieval invention, as is sometimes asserted, this legend must be one of the earliest possessions of the Aryan race.
神话的起源,世界的成员死巨头或乌尔人是极其古老的,不仅在伊朗的猜测,而且在印度神话(钻机,吠陀,十,90 ),事实上,如果神话巨人Ymir在北欧Cosmogonies不仅是一个中世纪的发明,因为有时是断言,这个传奇人物必须是最早的财物雅利安种族。

4. Or that the Norse colonists needed to acquire tools and equipment from the Picts?


5. Another character, the Norse God Odin, rode on a magical flying horse across the sky in the winter to reward people with gifts.


6. The archaeological evidence shows that Pictish artefacts were still in use in the early Norse settlements.

7. These men are frequently levied where presence of norse blood is high.

8. In Scandinavia, the Elder Futhark remained in use until some time around the eighth century, when drastic changes in the Old Norse language occurred, and corresponding changes in the runic alphabet were made to accommodate the new sounds.

9. 911查询·英语单词

9. Just because I'm Indian I can't be a Norse god?

10. Yes, there is perhaps more of Norse blood in your veins than you wot of, reader, whether you be English or Scotch; for these sturdy sea-rovers invaded our lands from north, south, east, and west many a time in days gone by, and held it in possession for centuries at a time, leaving a lasting and beneficial impress on our customs and characters.

11. In Ireland the basic ethnic stock is Celtic, with an admixture of Norse, French, Norman and English.

12. Norse什么意思

12. The Norse believed that each spark from the fire represented a new pig or calf that would be born during the coming year.

13. Well armed and equipped Norse swordsmen. Able to wear chain and plate armour.

14. Kipped, kip. ping, kipsTo sleep. Perhaps from Danish kippe; akin to Old Norse -kippa
可能源自丹麦语 kippe ;类似于古斯堪的纳维亚语-kippa

15. The earliest sources are germanic, norse, and romanic; more recently, with the growth and decline of the british empire and the rapid development of communications, they have been worldwide.

16. That's a Norse Valkyrie.

17. This is consistent with Norse mythology involving valiant battle-ready gods.

18. I let it come to me by the norse.

19. As you increase your skill, you can unleash the power of the Norse Gods on your opponents.

20. Just bacause I'm Indian I can't be a Norse god?

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