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1. 外国的;异族的
Alien means belonging to a different country, race, or group, usually one you do not like or are frightened of.

e.g. He said they were opposed to the presence of alien forces in the region.

2. 怪异的;可怕的;异己的
You use alien to describe something that seems strange and perhaps frightening, because it is not part of your normal experience.

e.g. His work offers an insight into an alien culture.

3. 陌生的;格格不入的;不相容的
If something is alien to you or to your normal feelings or behaviour, it is not the way you would normally feel or behave.

e.g. Such an attitude is alien to most businessmen.

4. 外国人
An alien is someone who is not a legal citizen of the country in which they live.

e.g. Both women had hired illegal aliens for child care...
e.g. When war broke out, he was interned as an enemy alien.

5. 外星人
In science fiction, an alien is a creature from outer space.


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