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1. It's not easy to lauch a new model and also not easy to find a new name.

2. Right now is only 11 O'clock, but they have had their lauch already.

3. Now I understand why we can't just lauch these right at'em.

4. Missiles can be categorized in many different ways, such as by their mission or lauch platform.

5. We can see it, if we lauch the example from the command line.

6. Paris Hilton - She is being interviewed at the world book lauch of...

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7. We have decided not to go through with our plans to lauch the new product until we have solved all of its problems.

8. Apparently, a team of scientists were able to salvage a fragment of Ymir's Heart, and use it to lauch part of Juperos into the sky.

9. The Administrative Rules on Forward Bond Transactions in the National Interbank Bond Market published by the people's Bank of China on May 16, 2005 marked the official lauch of bond forward, the first derivatives in china's bond market.

10. Lauch

10. It is the general planner and designer of TT & C, telecommunication, command, monitor and display systems being used in Jiuquan and Xichang Satellite Lauch Centres, and Xian Satellite Control Centre.

11. In the late Warring States period, Qin was the first state to lauch a fighting to abundant Bashu and made it the rear base.

12. It is pointed out that the propulsion system must be the most important one of the vibration sources of missile or satellite lauch vehicle structure body with payload.

13. The United States Department of Education recently lauch the launched a free Web site design designed to help immigrants learn English.

14. Lauch

14. The London Conference was held on the 20th anniversary of the lauch launch of the Safe Motherhood Initiative in Kenya.

15. Many attacks based on Sybil attack to lauch attack or use it as auxiliary means.

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16. Because of time limitation and knowledge level, the paper has no related practice cases as inspection, and can not explain the client value system very clear. The author will lauch more deeper research combined with practical experience in the future.

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17. All the results showed that the two strains have the excellent characteristics and can be used as probiotics to lauch a follow-up work. 2.

18. In order to restrain crimes involving guns in a space as narrow as possible, we should, considering the causes of them, lauch a preventive campaign against them which contains primary prevention, junior prevention and senior prevention.

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19. The upsurge of satellite-borne SAR in 90s is reviewed and that China will lauch its satellite-borne SAR around 2003 is predicted.

20. Study on the supporting methods and application for the modal test of large-sized lauch vehicle

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