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1. Kerry Horan 34 suffered a miscarriage and three rounds of failed IVF since her marriage in 2002 to husband David.

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2. Results:The EP group had higher fallopian tube diseases history than control group, 76% and 43% respectively; EP patients treated by ICSI were more than those by IVF(χ2=4.11, P.05EP patients after frozen embryo transfer were more than those after fresh embryo t...

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3. According to Hong Kong media reports, married ten months pregnant, yet it is recently lau leung of ivf babies noise separation.

4. People get upsetabout data that sounds like an attack on IVF.

5. Methods:A retrospective study on 97 infertile patients, laparoscopic ovarian cyst resection of 38 cases of patients with infertility as a test group, of which 27 cases in patients with unilateral ovarian surgery done for the group A, 11casee in patients with bilateral ovarian surgery done for the Group B; control group was 59 cases of tubal obstruction in patients with infertility as the control group.

6. For unknown reasons, IVF may not work if you have hydrosalpinx.

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7. The goal of IVF is to help you have a healthy baby.

8. Between 1995 and 1998, the number of IVF procedures in the U. S. increased by 37%.

9. IVF is one method used to help people with fertility problems to have a baby.

10. As with any medical process it is extremely important to choose an IVF clinic with care.

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11. You don't have the same control as with IVF, said Dr.

12. The study was to establish the droplet culture method to satisfy the feather of Ovum Pick Up technique such as obtain fewer and lower qualitity oocytes in order to improve the efficience of in vitro production embryos the study optimize the system of in vitro culture from five aspcet as following different states of ovaries, different semen, fertilization time, season and co-culture for in vitro culture of bovine with droplet method The paper were conducted to study the effects of medium drop size on developmental competence of bovine oocytes derived from slaughterhouse ovaries in vitro maturation, fertilization, culture fertilization droplet. and culture medium for IVF covered with paraffin oil and mineral oil.

13. Salpingectomy has no obvious effect on the outcome of IVF-ET and baseline endocrine within a period of time, but it reduces the ovarian response to superovulation on ipsilateral ovary in IVF-ET.

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14. Data and method 1 ~ will be in 1.1 clinical data in December 2007 couple of this central travel IVF-ET 4, patient 1, 2, 3 pathogenies all send a gender for afterwards infecund disease, tubal block, 4 pathogenies are the patient to send a gender formerly infecund disease, oviduct is connected and not disease of free, weak spermatozoon.

15. Objective: To gain insight into the relationship between premature luteinization and outcome of IVF in short-term protocol.

16. Methods: Cultured luteinizing granulosa cells from PCOS (n=11) and normal ovulatory (as control, n=15) were obtained in the process of IVF. By treating with differert concentrations of rosiglitazone for 48 h, the mRNA and protein expression of insulin receptor substrates-1, IRS-2 in ovarian luteinizing granulose cells were assessed by semi-quantitative RT-PCR and Western blotting, respectively.
收集行WF-ET治打的11例PCOS患者和15例排卵正常的偷卵管性不孕患者促排卵后黄素化颗粒细胞行体外培养,分别用不同浓度罗格列酮(0 nmol/L、1 nmol/L、10 nmol/L、100 nmol/L、1000 nmol/L、100000 nmol/L)处理细胞48h,采用RT-PCR和Western blotting分别检测卵巢黄素化颗粒细胞胰岛素受体底物-1和IRS-2 mRNA的表达及蛋白含量。

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17. The results indicated that mercury chloride could affect the meiotic maturation of mouse oocyte, obviously block the IVF and injury or make a reduction of reproductive capacity of mouse.

18. One important investigation showed that cessation of smoking for at least two months before attempting IVF significantly improved chances for conception.

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19. Methods 432 patients with ectopic pregnancy in our hospital from 2002 to 2004 were collected, The information collected for every patient included sociodemographic characteristics; gynecologic, obstetric, and abdominal surgical history; prior induced abortion; genital infectious history; history of ectopic pregnancy; contractive history (including oral contraceptive, intrauterine device and emergency contraception)and history of assisted reproductive technology are analysised and compared.

20. This center passes classics rectum seminiferous duct crock abdomen, spermatic gland, prostate massages art extraction essence of life to be able to avoid this kind of injury and anguish very well, and obtain enough spermatozoon to be used at ICSI and IVF-ET, report as follows now.

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