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1. 保险利益什么意思

1. 第二,强制责任保险比任意责任保险具有更大的优势,强制责任保险可以保障受害人的利益及时受偿,并可以有效避免保险公司拒绝承保。
The second mode is the compulsory liability insurance and financial assurances or guarantees of combining the system of environmental liability insurance, as represented by Germany.

2. 据了解,住宅质量保证保险,国际上称为潜在缺陷保险,被称为钻石工业公司,是世界各国确保住宅质量,保护利益消费者的国际惯例,是由法国。
It is understood that the residential quality assurance insurance, internationally known as latent defects insurance, referred to as IDI, is the world`s States to ensure that residential quality, protecting the interests of consumers An international practice, from France.

3. 以船,货为抵押物的贷款方对其贷款有保险利益
The lender of money on bottomry or respeondentia has an insurable interest in respect of the loan.

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4. 以船,货为抵押物的贷款方对其贷款有保险利益
The lender of money on bottomry or respeondentia has an ins urable interest in respect of the loan.

5. 元的承保利益,总的来说,这些公司堪称全美最好的保险公司之一,展望2002
Million, and they recorded an underwriting profit of $30 million.

6. 在本地区,以及东盟地区,甚至于整个东南亚国家,建立起一个庞大的保险箱的国际销售网络,为贵公司和我司创造更大的业务和利益,。
In the region, as well as the ASEAN region and even the entire Southeast Asian countries to build a large international sales network of safe-deposit boxes for your company and our business and create greater interest, .

7. 保险利益的反义词

7. 任何总和,由发行条件份额的,变得付得起在分配地段或在一个固定的日期,是否由于份额的面额或通过份额或通过保险费,将为章程被视为是电话适当地打和付得起在的目的由发行条件总和变得付得起的日子,并且,在未付的情况下,所有相关的供应这些章程至于付款利益和费用,没收或否则申请好象总和变得付得起由于电话打和适当地被通报。
Any sum that, by terms of issue of a share, becomes payable on allotment or at a fixed date, whether on account of the nominal value of the shares or by way of the shares or by way of premium, shall for the purpose of the regulations be deemed to be a call duly made and payable on the date on which by the terms of issue the sum become payable, and, in case of non-payment, all the relevant provisions of these regulation as to payment of interest and expenses, forfeiture or otherwise apply as if the sum had become payable by virtue of a call duly made and notified.

8. 第一部分主要论述了人身保险利益的一般问题。
The first part of this paper is on the outline of insurable interest.

9. 保险利益的研究,具有重要的法律意义和现实意义。
Therefore the study of insurable interest is of great legal and practical significance.

10. 保险利益

10. 但是,对于保险利益的理解,在国内却缺少深入的基本理论,法律的规定也不够完善。
However, what is the meaning of the insurable interest is remain a problem.

11. 通过对财产保险利益效力的研究并结合我国的立法和实践,提出了目前我国存在的一些问题,并提出自己的拙见。
To this problem, I point out that we should adhere to the economic insurable interest theory.

12. 第二章是保险利益的认定。
Chapter 2 deals with determination of insurable interest.

13. 第一部分是保险利益概述。
The first part is general study of insurable interest.

14. 保险利益原则是保险法中的一个基本原则。
The principle of insurable interest is a basic principle in the insurance law system.

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15. 保险公司以及药厂不是招人喜欢的角色,和他们结城下之盟,在人民心目中欧巴马和这些让人深恶痛绝的利益集团连到一起
Cutting a deal with the insurers and drug companies, who are not exactly candidates to win popularity contests, associated Obama with profoundly resented interest groups.

16. 保险利益的翻译

16. 十、如果被保险人的理赔带有欺诈性质,或通过欺骗的方式获取保险利益,本保险单即刻失效,并且不退还保费,同时被保险人需归还我们已支付给被保险人的保险金额。
If any fraudulent claim is made or if any fraudulent means or devices are used to obtain any benefit under the insurance, this Policy shall become void and the premium paid shall be forfeited. Any benefits so claimed and received must be repaid to us.

17. 保险利益的反义词

17. 9.7 借款人须为物业因火警、爆炸或贷款人要求包括的其他风险而可能引致的损失或损害,在事先获贷款人书面批核、具良好商誉的保险公司投保及维持保险有效,保额为全面修复物业的费用,或为已授予或将授予借款人的全部信贷额,两者以较高者为准;如贷款人有所要求,保险得以借款人与贷款人联名形式购买;借款人并须准时妥为缴交为上述目的需付的全部保金或款项。凡可导致保险单无效或可予作废的作为,借款人均不得作出,或促使或容许其发生。如贷款人在任何时间根据下文规定向借款人提出要求,借款人须将保险的保单和每次缴付保金的收据经批签后交予贷款人、向贷款人出示或留交贷款人,使贷款人对上述保单、收据及所有保险金享有留置权。如贷款人代借款人投保(不论是在借款人明示或默示的指示下,或是依据本契据授予的权力),则借款人须以不可撤销的方式准许贷款人收受任何关於该保单或其后续保的佣金、回佣或其他利益。如借款人未能履行此条款任何义务,则贷款人可自由作出安排,使该义务得以履行,而有关费用及开支须由借款人负责,并包括在有抵押款项内,成为其一部份
7 The Borrower shall effect and maintain insurance of the Property against loss or damage by fire or explosion or such other risks as the Lender may require in its full reinstatement value or to the full extent of the facilities granted or to be granted to the Borrower whichever is the higher in some reputable insurance company as the Lender shall first approve of in writing and if so required by the Lender in the joint names of the Borrower and the Lender and shall duly and punctually pay all premia or sums of money necessary for such purpose and will not do or cause or suffer anything to be done whereby such policy or policies may become void or voidable and shall at any time on demand made for that purpose on the Borrower as hereinafter provided endorse over to, produce to or leave with the Lender such policy of such insurance and the receipt for every such payment so that the Lender shall have a lien on the same and on all moneys thereby assured and in the event of any insurance policy being taken out by the Lender on behalf of the Borrower whether on the express or implied instructions of the Borrower or pursuant to any powers herein conferred the Borrower shall irrevocably grant permission to the Lender to receive any commission rebate or other advantage in relation to such policy or any subsequent renewals thereof; and if any of the obligations under this sub-clause is not performed by the Borrower, the Lender shall be at liberty to arrange for any of such obligations to be performed at the cost and expense of the Borrower and such cost and expense shall be included in and shall form part of the secured sum

18. 保险利益的重要性,决定了其在保险法研究中的重要地位。
This thesis is just a study in this field.

19. 保险利益原则是保险法原理中的1项重要的保险原则。
The principle of insurance interests is one of the important principles of the theory of the law of insurance.

20. 第三十三条财产保险合同是以财产及其有关利益为保险标的的保险合同。
Article 33 A property insurance contract is an insurance contract with the property or related interests as the object of insurance.

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