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1. 离开本市时,本市的社会保险经办机构应当将其养老保险关系和个人养老保险帐户储存额转移到其户籍所在地的社会保险经办机构;当地未建立社会保险机构的,将其个人养老保险帐户储存额中个人缴费部分及其利息一次性支付给本人。
To leave the city, the city's social insurance agencies should be old-age insurance and old-age insurance personal accounts amount transferred to his storage location of the residence of the social insurance agencies; establishment of the local social security institutions, their personal pension Insurance account the amount of storage in the personal interest and part of the one-time fee paid to himself.

2. 应缴的费用(如用支票缴费,支票必须划线并写明「香港特别行政区政府」为收款人。
For information about the current licence fees please refer to the leaflet Licence Fees or dial 28042600 for enquires; and

3. 生育津贴是一笔支付雇员及自雇人士的妇女满足某些社会保险缴费条件,对自己的保险纪录。
Maternity Benefit is a payment for employed and self-employed women who satisfy certain PRSI contribution conditions on their own insurance record.

4. 你可以用这种检查,但检查每写有缴费
You can use the checks up to that, but with each check written there is a fee.

5. 用户租用本业务应缴之费用,应在本公司通知缴费之期限内缴清,逾期未缴清者,本公司得注销其申请或通知定期停止其使用
The customer shall pay all charges within the bill expiry date. In the event that any charges remain unpaid after the due date, CHT shall be entitled to suspend the service.

6. 一开始说了,站的赢利点就是中介缴费和广告,一开始网站没有信息源,所以中介发布信息完全免费,信息充实了之后,人气也上来了,这个时候开始考虑收费的问题了,当然,我们也刚刚开始着手这一块的工作,现在对中介的信息采取了一些措施,比如,审核制度,对未缴费的中介会员屏蔽手机号的一部分,之后,就是电话营销和业务了,这里不多说,下次单独写一篇文章讲这块。
Said at the beginning, the profit drop of the station is intermediary pay cost and advertisement, at the beginning the website does not have news source, so intermediary releases information completely free, after information was enriched, person energy of life also came up, this moment begins to consider the issue that collect fees, of course, the work that we just also begin this one to begin, took a few step to the information of intermediary now, for instance, system of examine and verify, right not the one part of the date of mobile phone of intermediary member screen that capture expends, later, be phone sale and business, here does not say more, write an article to tell this alone next time.

7. 拉卡啦CEO孙陶然表示,拉卡啦为联想控股旗下公司,目前已经在全国十五个城市布设了1万5千余个便利支付网点,打造了国内最大的便利支付网络,支持所有带有银联标记的银行借记卡和信用卡,为消费者提供百步之内,刷卡完成包括信用卡还款、公共事业缴费、手机充值以及网上购物线下支付在内的诸多金融支付服务。
Play card CEO Sun Tao expresses like that, play card control a company below the banner to associate, had been in at present cloth of 15 cities of countrywide set more than 1000510 thousand advantage to pay a site, made country's biggest advantage pay a network, support all banks that contain silver-colored couplet number to borrow write down card and credit card, offer 100 conditions for consumer in, brush card to finish include cost of pay of credit card reimbursement, common cause, mobile phone to fill value and net to go up a lot of finance that pays inside below shopping line pays a service.

8. 您在办理异地缴费业务后,相应的发票在每月话费出帐后,由您的号码归属地通过邮寄等方式提供
For inter-regional bill payment, you will receive related invoices by mail or other means from your regional operator after the monthly settlement

9. 补偿的办法,根据终止合同前半年内的每月平均工缴费为准,补偿两个月的工缴费总额给对方。
The term of this contract shall be three years, e. g.

10. 可行性:进行国家财政能力分析、企业缴费能力分析和农民工缴费能力分析。
Feasibility: state finance ability, company payment ability, rural migrant workers payment ability.

11. 比如说,我国加工贸易的增值水平不高,赚取的只是工缴费,加工贸易给走私提供可能,对一般贸易造成挤压等。
For example, increment level of processing trade is low in China, only processing fees are paid, and processing trade supplies possibility for smuggle, in addition, processing trade crush common trades.

12. 如乙方能按时投产开业,该履约保证金可作工缴费抵付给甲方。
If Party B can start production on time, the amount will be deducted from the processing fee.

13. 三有进出口经营权的企业,承接来料加工业务(包括加工装配公司所承接的来料加工业务),符合规定条件的,经税务机关批准,出口货物及其工缴费免征增值税和消费税。
In case an enterprise with the import and export operating right undertakes processing business (including the processing business of processing and assembly company), export goods and processing fee shall be exempt from the value added tax and consumption tax by tax authorities'approval.

14. 如乙方能按时投产开业,该履约保证金可作工缴费抵付给甲方。
If additional installations of water and electric facilities are required, the expenses thereof shall be borne by Party B.

15. 第二条 本规定所称对外加工装配业务主要是指:外商提供全部或部分原材料、辅料、零部件、元器件、配套件和包装物料,必要时提供设备,由我方加工单位按外商的要求进行加工装配,成品交外商销售,我方收取工缴费,外商提供的作价设备价款,我方用工缴费偿还的业务。
Processing and assembly in the present regulations shall refer to transactions in which foreign forms provide raw material, accessories, spare parts, components, material for packing and equipment if necessary (hereinafter referred to as materials and parts) for processing and assembly carried out in factories in China according to the requirements of the foreign firms.

16. 缴费的解释

16. 若不幸大会在检查过程中遗失挑战者的卡片,将不补发所有的资格赛活动都不是竞赛活动,所以大会不将所有参赛的挑战者分级,挑战者可以自由购买每次的活动纪念奖牌作为留念,购买的挑战者必须要在卡上注记,并在比赛结束时缴费
In the event of the organizer losing a brevet card, no replacement to the rider will be made. These brevets are not competitive events, so no rider classifications are made. Commemorative medals for each brevet are available for purchase. Those wishing to purchase a medal should mark their brevet card accordingly. Payment is required at the finish.

17. 缴费的近义词

17. 大额保费保单犹豫期退保、保险合同生效日后短期内退保或者提取现金价值,并要求退保金转入第三方账户或者非缴费账户的。
8Any large-sum insurance policy is withdrawn within the hesitation period, or any insurance is withdrawn or the cash value is drawn within a short term after the date of effectiveness of the insurance contract, and the premium refund is transferred upon direction into the account of a third party or into a non-premium payment account.

18. 缴费的翻译

18. 酒店入住跨越两个或以上价格,旅客须以较高价目缴费全程费用。
If hotel stay involves both high and low selling prices, the high selling price will be applied for the entire

19. 缴费在线翻译

19. 这包括你的车缴费和保险等。
This includes your car payment and insurance.

20. 于1930年在缴费之家酒店在马萨诸塞州,她决定削减块雀巢问Semisweet黄河标签巧克力酒吧,并将其添加到了丰富的cookie黄油面团。
Cookie. In 1930 at the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts she decided to cut up chunks of Nestl? s Semisweet Yellow Label Chocolate bar and add them to a rich butter cookie dough.

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