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1. Barium nitrate crystal was proposed as one of the perspective Raman materials due to its intense symmetrical vibrations with the frequency of 1047 cm-1 and comparative high Raman gain.
由于硝酸钡晶体具有很强的对称振动(频率1 047 cm-1)和较高的拉曼增益,可以用来产生受激拉曼激光。

2. Barium nitrate crystal was proposed as one of the perspective Raman materials due to its intense symmetrical vibrations with the frequency of 1047cm^(-1) and comparative high Raman gain.

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3. The results showed that SNFB shortened the binding time for 1-8 times in the binding time comparision, produced more reliable and stable fixation in the exercises test and color-ultrasonographic assay and had neither loosening nor sliding of the bandage, splints or fixating pad in the clinical application of 1047 cases.

4. Course ought to Song CAI (1047~1126 characters long, Xianyou people.

5. BLOOM:(Quietly lays a half sovereign on the table between bella and florry) So.

6. The product poses a chemical risk because of banned azocolourants; the blue colour releases 45 mg/kg of 3, 3`-dimethoxybenzidine which exceeds the limit 30 mg/kg.

7. Larger rivers have Vistula (1047 kilometers long) and the Odra (Poland territory 742 kilometers long).

8. Just pay attention to that the gains for plus and minus signals are the same, and the area of the signal around zero. I checked the LM35, the accuracy is good, but does it need 2 diodes in series to measure the temperature lower than -20 degree C? You could consider TC1047A that I used before, it doesn't need any other component, and it can go directly to A/D.

9. If May 19991047 points -2002 points in July 1748, 38 months; September 20001783 points -2003 points in November 1307, 38 months; in February 20011893 points -2004 points in April 1783, 39 months; in January 20021339 points in June 998 years -2005 points, to 41 months.
如果1999年5月1047点-2002点,在1748年7月,38个月; 2000年9月1783点-2003点,1307年11月,38个月,在2001年2月1893点-2004点,1783年4月,39个月,在2002年1月1339点6月九九八年-2005点,至41个月。

10. Continued...Sources said Macquarie Bank slashed about 40 staff from its funds division yesterday on top of the 1047 it cut before Christmas.

11. 911查询·英语单词

11. The paper detailly describes the background、the arithmetic conditions and the implementation of this method.

12. The assembly shall meet the requirements of AWWA C511-92; ASSE 1047; UL Classified File No. EX3185; CSA B64 and USC Manual 8th. Edition.

13. GB/T1047 pipe components DN of the definition and use (GB/T1047-2005, ISO6708:1995, IDT) GB/T1048 pipe components PN of the definition and use (GB/T1048-2005, ISO/CD7268:1983, IDT) GB/T1184 shape and position tolerances without tolerances values (GB/T1184-1996, eqvISO2768-2:1989) GB/T5796.1~579*** trapezoidal thread (GB/T5796.1~579***-1986, eqvISO2901~2904; 1977) GB/T12220 General Valve logo (GB/T12220-1989, idtISO5209:1977) GB/T12221 metal valve structure length (GB/T12221-2005, ISO5752:1982, MOD) GB/T12222 multi-turn valve actuator attachment (GB/T12222-2005, ISO5210:1991, MOD) GB/T12225 common valve copper alloy castings GB/T12226 General Valve gray iron castings GB/T12227 General Valve ductile iron castings GB/T13927 common valve pressure test (GB/T13927-1992, neqISO5208:1982) GB/T17219 in drinking water equipment and protective materials, safety evaluation GB/T17241.6 whole cast iron pipe flanges (GB/T17241.6-1998, neqISO7005-2:1988) GB/T17241.7 cast iron pipe flanges (GB/T17241.7-1998, neqISO7005-2:1988) JB/T7748 valve cleanliness and determination JB/T7928 General requirements valve supplier Three parameters and structure type 3.1 Nominal pressure Forged Steel Pressure Seal Gate Valves valve according to GB/T1048 requirements.
GB/T1047管道元件DN的定义和选用(GB/T1047—2005,ISO6708:1995,IDT) GB/T1048管道元件PN的定义和选用(GB/T1048—2005,ISO/CD7268:1983,IDT) GB/T1184形状和位置公差未注公差值(GB/T1184—1996,eqvISO2768-2:1989) GB/T5796.1~579***梯形螺纹(GB/T5796.1~579***—1986,eqvISO2901~2904;1977) GB/T12220通用阀门标志(GB/T12220—1989,idtISO5209:1977) GB/T12221金属阀门结构长度(GB/T12221—2005,ISO5752:1982,MOD) GB/T12222多回转阀门驱动装置的连接(GB/T12222—2005,ISO5210:1991,MOD) GB/T12225通用阀门铜合金铸件技术条件 GB/T12226通用阀门灰铸铁件技术条件 GB/T12227通用阀门球墨铸铁件技术条件 GB/T13927通用阀门压力试验(GB/T13927—1992,neqISO5208:1982) GB/T17219生活饮用水输配水设备及防护材料的安全性评价标准 GB/T17241.6整体铸铁管法兰(GB/T17241.6—1998,neqISO7005-2:1988) GB/T17241.7铸铁管法兰技术条件(GB/T17241.7—1998,neqISO7005-2:1988) JB/T7748阀门清洁度和测定方法 JB/T7928通用阀门供货要求 3参数与结构型式 3.1阀门公称压力按GB/T1048的规定。

14. In May 1992 to November 1992, SSE Composite Index fell 400 points from 1429 points, which lasted five months, the largest decline of 72%; in February 1993 to July 1994, SSE Composite Index from 1553 point fell to 325 points, which lasted 18 months, the biggest drop of 79 percent; from September 1994 to January 1996, SSE Composite Index fell 512 points from 1053 points, which lasted 16 months, the biggest decline in 51%; 1997 May the year to May 1999, SSE Composite Index fell to 1047 points from 1510 points, which lasted 24 months, the largest decline up to 30%.

15. At 08:15 in harmony autume and inside valley by surrounding mountain, passanger train by SY1047 is coming.

16. LDS-PAGE showed that most of chlorophyll-protein complex I of photosystem I (PSI) missed in the CC-1047 mutant.

17. Barium nitrate crystal was proposed as one of the perspective Raman materials due to its intense symmetrical vibrations with the frequency of 1047 cm~(- 1) and comparative high Raman gain.

18. The review of 1047 patients punctured from anterior epidural space via hiatus sacralis

19. Years at the bottom of 1047 points, resulting in the May 17

20. 1047

20. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated through West_Japanese-27, IEEE 30, 57, 118, and 1047 bus systems.
算法的有效性通过IEEE 30,57,118母线系统、西日本27母线系统和一个1047母线系统模型的仿真的得到了验证。

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