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1. Inhaled anticholinergics are associated with a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular death, MI, or stroke among patients with COPD.

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2. Context Inhaled anticholinergics (ipratropium bromide or tiotropium bromide) are widely used in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but their effect on the risk of cardiovascular outcomes is unknown.
背景 吸入抗胆碱能药物在COPD患者中广泛使用,但是它们对患者发生心血管事件风险的影响并不明确。

3. Flammable Gases: If the HeartStart is used to give a shock in the presence of flammable gases such as in an oxygen tent, there is a risk of explosion.

4. Waist circumference is one of independent risk factors of LVH.

5. A proper way is to assign weights to the categories. The weights are determined based on the concept of risk in this paper, that is, the category which has a closer relationship with accident consequence is assigned with greater weight. The relationship is measured by the similarity between their corresponding time series created from historical accident statistical data. The similarity is calculated by Euclidean distance.

6. If you choose to download and use it, you do so at your own risk.

7. Your use of the service is at your sole risk.

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8. You expressly agree that your use of the service is at your sole risk.

9. You acknowledge that any reliance on material posted via the Service will be at your own risk.

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10. The study showed that the hungry of AIDS patients risk of death is a better nutritional status of the six times.

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11. The more people using a single source or outlet of water, the greater the risk of pollution or damage.

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12. To analyze the health examination results of 2603 intellectuals of 35~55 years old in Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, and understand the prevalence and risk factors of hypertension in this population.
目的 通过对包头钢铁稀土集团公司2603名35~55岁的知识分子体检结果的分析,了解该人群的高血压的患病率及其危险因素。

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13. But announcement of the Ministry of Public Security reminds, illegal element uses great majority person to operate circuit to what shop on the net, how avoid risk and discern the characteristic that illegal website lack understands, of network of have the aid of concealment quality, buy with network group for the name executive bilk commits a crime.

14. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run.

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15. Ship Oil Spill; Risk Assessment; Prevention Measures

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16. On the other hand, if women ate at least one serving of high-fat dairy food a day, they reduced their risk of anovulatory infertility by more than a quarter (27%) compared to women who consumed one or fewer high-fat dairy serving a week.
在另一方面,如果妇女吃了至少一名在职的高脂肪食物奶牛每天,他们减少了它们的风险,无排卵性不孕症的四分之一以上( 27 %)相比,女性消费的一个或更少高脂肪奶制品服务一个星期。

17. Aimed at PPP projects` risk distribution problem, cooperative game theory is introduced. Some of the PPP project risks can be taken alone, the others need two or more partners` cooperative effort. For the latter, shapley value method is used to determine the income of interested parties from shared risk. The income is normalized to obtain weights of interested parties. Then the risk value which each partner should undertake is determined. And an example is given to illustrate this method.

18. The mechanism partakes as a result of the risk in BOT in the meantime, so this risk is on guard systematic compose is built involve each project participator, the angle that is not one party of mere Cong Mou sets out.

19. Thus, when we input financial risk data of some year, we can judge the state that it belongs to according to biggest membership principle.

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20. Prevention of account receivable risk contains strengthen advance control, daily supervision and management...

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