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1. GHS是什么意思

1. GHS donated one of her own art work. GHS was very embarrassed to be found out.

2. GHS states that she found out about the children of Haiti through TV program and she felt so bad for them.

3. If agreement with the European Parliament and Council can be reached at first reading, the phasing-in of the GHS provisions could made consistent with the relevant provisions of REACH, in particular the classification and labeling inventory.

4. Differences in basepairs were discovered at three sites when the sequences of VDR cDNA from both normocalciuric and GHS rats were compared with the published rat intestinal VDR cDNA sequence. The first difference encountered at bp 256 is C instead of G; the second at bp 569 is G instead of A; and the third difference is at bp 1658, an A for a G.
对重组质粒的分析表明,插入片段的序列与发表的VDR基因编码序列一致。5只GHS鼠和4只NC鼠肠VDR cDNA序列均有3个相同的位点不同于已公布的大鼠肠VDR cDNA序列:在256bp位点:C取代G;569bp位点:G代替A;1658位点:A替代G。

5. VDR cDNA sequences of 5 GHS rats and 4 normocalciuric control rats were analysed. Results A specific band of 2039 bp from PCR amplification was seen in gel electrophoresis.
方法采用半定量RT-PCR方法扩增含VDR蛋白编码基因序列,将扩增产物克隆至真核表达载体pcDNA3.1/Zero,对5只GHS大鼠和4只正常尿钙对照大鼠十二指肠VDR cDNA序列进行测序分析。

6. GHS什么意思

6. GHS: She's not pretty, there's nothing lovely about her

7. Results: (1) Ghrelin and its receptor GHS-R1a were mainly distributed in the arcuate nuclei, ventromedial nucleus, median eminence, adenohypophysis, leydig cells, spermatocyte, sertoli cells, oocytes and among others.

8. Did you foresee GHS's success?

9. GHS的翻译

9. Finally, the ChS-A and GhS-G were separated by ethanol precipitation in the presence of calcium acetate.

10. However, he said that GHS makes way too much food that it is impossible to eat too much.

11. GHS: I don't think I have ever experienced true love before.

12. He said that GHS insists that her guests eat a lot of her food.

13. This was the first of several lau ghs that showed how little I understood.


14. Someday, I will go there, to say hello to you, Vietnam Ghs{B8
总有一天,我要回到那儿,跟越南问安 j7IXO%f

15. Q: Did you foresee GHS's success?

16. Ghrelin, a natural ligand for growth-hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R), was recently identified.

17. Ghrelin, the 28 amino acid peptide recently identified as the natural ligand for the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R), has multiple activities in addition to regulation of GH secretion and energy homeostasis.

18. GHS的意思

18. Ghrelin is a endogenic ligand of growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R), which is made up of 28 amino acid residues.

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19. Ghrelin, a novel 28-amino-acid peptide purified from rat and human stomachs, is the endogenous ligand for the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R) and has strong growth hormone-releasing activity.

20. Ghrelin has been identified by Kojima as the first endogenous ligand for the GH secretagogue receptor (GHS-R) in 1999.

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